Executive Committee

Linda Schoelkopf
Chair - JA Staff Alumni Network, a Pioneer Legacy; Dallas, TX

JASAN (the JA Staff Alumni Network) is led by 14 former JA professionals serving on the Executive Committee.  All members serve a one-year term, elected by the JASAN membership each year.  Our Bylaws define the makeup of the Executive Committee which includes the chairs of committees and an option to include “at-large” members.

The Executive Committee generally meets monthly to conduct the business of the organization, focusing on the annual program of work.

The 2023-2024 Executive Committee members, their role, and last area of JA service:

John Weil
Past Chair, Chair Nominating Committee; Cincinnati, OH
Frank Evans
Administration; National
Nancy Finke
Chair, Finance Committee; Cincinnati, OH
Dennis Gilfoyle
Chair, Fund Development Committee; Pittsburgh, PA
Tami Godsey
Chair, Membership Committee; National



Theo Boots
Chair, Engagement Committee; Evansville, IN
Sally Stamper
Chair, History Committee; Norfolk-Newport News, VA
Pamela Casteel
Chair, Archives Committee; National
Randal Mays
Chair, Professional Staff Hall of Fame Committee; Ft. Worth, TX
Lucy O'Donnell
Chair, Staff Development and Recognition Committee; Wilmington, DE
Laurie Stearn
At-Large Member; San Jose, CA
Greg Munson
At-Large Member; Wilmington, DE
Ed Grocholski
JA USA Liaison; National
Hudson Whitenight

Each committee has developed its purpose statement and outcomes for the 2023-24 year, based on the priorities set in our annual Program of Work.