2023-2024 Program of Work

The JA Staff Alumni Network is committed to finding various ways for all members to engage in our work. Many wise people have told us that we can only do a few things well. This year we are focusing on just four key initiatives:

  1. Support JA USA.
    o Staff Development and Recognition
    o Karl Flemke Award
    o Jim Sweeny Entrepreneurial Excellence Award
    o NLC Scholarships
    o Professional Staff Hall of Fame
  2. Keep the history of JA alive and easily accessible.
    o Increase the number of oral histories available through the Junior Achievement archives.
    o Identify individuals who should be interviewed for the archives.
    o Work with JA USA to determine how the JA Museum can be accessed by more people.
    o Add historical information to the JASAN website.
  3. Use each of our electronic platforms to enhance membership connections and measure the impact by
    o Ensuring the Website stays up to date, with information seen as valuable to members.
    o Using Facebook for everyday connections among our members, including “meet-ups”.
    o Using LinkedIn to help members find professional and volunteer opportunities.
    o Using our periodic newsletters to provide information about JASAN, JAUSA, and our members.
  4. Ensure sufficient funding to carry out the work of the organization.
    o Raise funds from members and other appropriate sources to fund the work of the organization.